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In 1979 Dr. David Jones opened his dental practice in Colorado to serve the communities of Monument, Woodmoor, Gleneagle, Colorado Springs and north El Paso County.

For many years he served his community as a trusted dentist, but he knew the day would come when he would need to entrust the care of his patients to a competent and caring dentist.

He has found that dentist in Dr. Jeffrey Yelle. In December 2018, Dr. Jones turned his practice over to Dr. Yelle and shared this personal letter with his patients.

As an experienced family dentist from New Hampshire, Dr. Yelle understands the importance of a positive dental experience as the foundation for building trust with patients. He and his entire dental team believe that a variation of ‘the golden rule’ of treating others with care and respect is an essential part of dentistry, and should especially include how we treat and communicate with others.

Our goal in treatment is prevention of tooth decay and other oral health conditions by educating our patients about optimal oral care and oral hygiene and restoration of normal tooth function and appearance using the best available technology in dentistry.

We provide general dentistry services like teeth cleaning, oral exams and tooth fillings as well as restorative dental treatment such as basic root canals, crowns & bridges. We also offer more complex treatment sucah as placement and restoration of dental implants. If you’re looking to enhance your natural smile, we also provide cosmetic dentistry services such as Whitening, Veneers and Dentures. When the unexpected arises, as can be the case when participating in sports or living an active life, and you chip a tooth or lose a filling or crown, or in the worst case, have a tooth knocked out, we are here to provide emergency dental appointments.

Our practice in Monument, just next door to Woodmoor, and down the road from Gleneagle, offers a comfortable, inviting, and relaxed environment. We believe that all our valued patients deserve nothing less than our undivided attention during their appointment. If we ever fall short of this we hope you will be sure to let us know. We hope to see you soon for your first appointment, or your next if you’ve seen us before!

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