A beautiful smile can represent more than just good oral health. It can often speak volumes about your overall health as well. The link between good oral health and overall health and wellness is substantial. In fact, the practice of good oral health can prevent certain illnesses like pneumonia, according to recent research. Dr. Jeff Yelle and team are well aware of the many benefits that come from caring for your teeth and gums and seeing your Monument, CO dentist regularly. As a result, patients are encouraged to be consistent and see a dentist twice a year.

Our mouth’s hold significant keys to our overall health. However, many of us don’t realize this fact. There’s both good and bad bacteria present in our mouth’s at any given time. However, this isn’t a problem until the bacteria has grown significantly from a lack of proper oral care. Bacteria in your mouth can grow to levels that aid in the development of bacterial pneumonia. The Distinctive Dental team doesn’t want poor oral health to wreak havoc on your overall health and teeth and gums as well. This is why you should be consistent. See your dentist twice a year as recommended. A little oral TLC goes a long way when it comes to preserving your bright smile as well as your overall health and wellness.

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