You are probably aware that obesity is a serious epidemic in the United States. It’s actually become an epidemic in many other regions around the world. More alarming of late is the discovery that there may be a correlation between periodontal disease and those with a body mass index of over 30. It may be possible to make a few lifestyle changes and conquer both obesity and oral health issues such as periodontal disease and cavities.

Diet, Obesity and Oral Health

 A recent study in which the saliva of women with a BMI of between 27 and 32 was sampled has shown that there was a large amount of the bacteria Selenomas noxia in over 98.4 percent of the subjects. Not only is there a clear connection between this bacteria and periodontal disease, but its formation is associated with the kind of high glycemic diet that often results in obesity. There are often other factors at play such as age, genetics, and overall lifestyle when someone is obese. However, this is an interesting finding that dentists and other healthcare professionals can use when diagnosing and treating periodontal disease.

Changing Your Dental Health by Changing Your Diet

Although your Monument, CO dentist may not be able to tell for sure whether your diet is to blame for your periodontal disease, they may be able to suggest some changes to your diet that could help improve your oral health. For more information about how the possible connection between oral health and obesity may be affecting you, contact Dr. Jeff Yelle at Distinctive Dental. He and his Monument, CO dental team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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