CEREC Crowns

Same Day Single Visit Crowns

If you have a cracked tooth or a tooth that is severaly damaged, or if you have a tooth that needs a root canal, you are more than likely a candidate for a crown.

A traditional crown will require multiple visits to the dentist and require a temporary placement while the crown is created in the lab and then in fitted for your mouth in a second visit.

Here at Distinctive Dental (formerly David J. Jones DDS) have advanced technology and training so that Dr. Yelle can fit a crown in a single visit! We call this a same-day crown, or single-visit crown.

At most practices, you have to wait several weeks for a manufacturer to create a customized dental crown. Since Dr. Yelle continually invests in learning and new technology, Distinctive Dental in Monument is proud to ensure that our patients can receive their dental crowns in just one visit.

Dental crowns, also called caps, fit comfortably over a damaged tooth, and cover it completely it with a natural colored material that is just like your original tooth. Dr. Yelle takes special care to match the color, strength, shape and general look of your new crown so that it blends with the surrounding teeth.

Receiving a crown is a simple process . Dr. Yelle will begin by numbing the area and gently shaping the tooth to ensure the crown is a perfect fit. Rather than taking an impression of the tooth as most dentists still do, he creates a three-dimensional image of it using the latest scanning technology, then sends the scan directly to a computer which constructs an instant image of the restored tooth. This process is done through specialized equipment called a Cerec machine.

The details of your custom dental crown, which include its ridges, indentations, size, and shape, are transferred to an onsite milling machine. It’s like having a dental lab in our own office! The machine crafts your custom crown from porcelain to copy the image from the computer screen.

After only 15 minutes, the process is complete!

When the crown is finished, Dr. Yelle completes the procedure by adhering the dental crown in place.

Our entire team at Distinctive Dental is excited about this new same-day crowns technology. Not only does it make placing crowns easier, it also speeds up and improves the dental implant process. Our priority at Distinctive Dental is ensuring that all our patients in Monument, Gleneagle, Woodmoor and north El Paso County are able to access the most modern technology available. In this way, any dental issue that arises can be resolved quickly and with minimal discomfort.

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