Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Yelle and the his dedicated team of professionals at the dental office of Distinctive Dental, serving Monument, Woodmoor, and Gleneagle and north El Paso County, offer many restorative dental procedures for patients who have damaged a tooth, or have lost a tooth prematurely to disease or trauma. When it comes to lost teeth, it’s important to think beyond aesthetics. Failing to repair or replace a tooth often results in significant issues with tooth alignment, speaking, and eating.

Understanding Restorative Dental Procedures

If you’re in need of restorative dental work, Dr. Yelle will first take X-rays of the damaged tooth or jaw bone and gums surrounding the missing tooth, and go over which treatment options would be most appropriate. Some of the most common procedures include:


A dental crown fits over a tooth’s chewing surface to provide protection and structure. Your team at Distinctive Dental always uses natural tooth-colored material for crowns on teeth so they blend in seamlessly.


Placing tooth-colored filling material on a tooth with only mild or moderate decay is most often the most conservative, and therefore best, treatment alternative.

Inlays and Onlays

When tooth decay is too extensive for either a crown or filling, an inlay or onlay is a good option. An inlay covers one or more cusps of a tooth while an onlay covers all four.


The team at our Monument dental practice typically uses sealants to prevent decay. It can also be employed if decay has just started. Dr. Yelle ‘paints’ the tooth with sealant, then waits a few minutes for it to dry. Sealants are especially useful for back teeth that can be hard to get and keep clean.

Before recommending a specific procedure, Dr. Yelle will first present your options, then let you know what to expect during treatment. Our team enjoys restoring smiles and helping people improve their oral health. We use only the most technologically advanced dental instruments and ceramic materials to ensure your dental restorations blend perfectly with your natural teeth.

We invite you to call us to arrange your complimentary restorative dentistry consultation today. We’re excited about helping bring back the smile you had before you lost or damaged your teeth.

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