Fillings are used to repair cavities that form due to tooth decay. In a filling procedure, the first step Dr. Yelle takes is to thoroughly clean out the decayed portion of an affected tooth. He then applies a composite tooth material. The composite dries quickly, permitting you to leave our practice with your great smile restored.

Left untreated, a cavity may worsen over time and, because it is an infection, the decay may spread throughout the rest of your mouth, leading to further pain and discomfort.

Choose to live pain-free! Call our Monument dental practice, where dental problems are resolved quickly and with compassion. We also serve patients in Gleneagle, Woodmor and north El Paso County.

Distinctive Dental (formerly David D. Jones DDS) always uses composite fillings which match the color of your existing teeth. This is in contrast to some of the materials you may have seen used in the past, such as silver-colored mercury fillings. Apart from the purely aesthetic benefits of using composite fillings, there are also health reasons that your Distinctive Dental team and Dr. Yelle use newer composite fillings, chief among which are avoiding potential exposure to mercury.


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