dental examThe fast answer is that you should schedule an appointment right away with your Monument, CO dentist at the Distinctive Dental practice. Once your teeth have been examined, the location of the fracture will be identified, as well as the degree of severity for the cracked tooth. Once this is known, the tooth can be repaired by bonding, by performing a root canal procedure, or by simply placing a crown over the damaged tooth. However, a cracked tooth can be difficult to detect. Sometimes a crack can be felt, but not seen easily.

How does a tooth become cracked?

People who grind their teeth a lot leave them susceptible to fractures, as do those who clench their jaws frequently. You can also crack a tooth by biting into something hard, like nuts or hard candy. Then too, sports injuries are a common cause of fractured teeth, for instance during the course of a football game, when hard impacts occur. An impact from a car accident can also cause a tooth to crack.

The Steps Should You Take for a Cracked Tooth

You may not be able to see a cracked tooth, since they are often invisible to the naked eye, and sometimes don’t even show up on X-Rays. Dr. Jeff Yelle says that you can still identify a tooth fracture when you experience sudden pain in a specific location of your mouth after drinking something hot or cold, or simply when chewing food. As soon as you suspect a cracked tooth, you should contact your Monument, CO dental team, so the problem can be found and repaired.

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If you suspect you have a chipped or damaged tooth, please contact us to set up an appointment. We can help relieve your pain and fix the tooth!

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